criteria for the
USFA World Series are as follows

Teams must meet the following three criteria.

1. Teams must be USFA Sanctioned

2. Must do at least one of the following: 
    A. Receive a direct berth at a National Invitational Tournament (NIT)
    B. Attend at least 1 State Qualifiers or NITs
    C. Attend at least 1 State Qualifier an have accumulated at least 100pts

3. Attend the USFA State Tournament
in your home state or a Regional Qualifier Tournament for your area **

. Receive an at-large berth if no USFA events are available within 200 miles of your teams home. (Contact your Regional Director for details) ***

NOTE: Teams that have received a berth to a A classification National event in USFA or another organization must play in the USFA A World Series. Furthermore, any team that has been classified as an A team or participates in an A State Tournament hosted by USFA or another organization may be required to play in the USFA A World Series.

 * NIT events will award 1 berth for each 5 teams participating per age group.
   Example (5-9 teams=1 berth / 10-14 =2 berths / 15-19 = 3 berths etc).
    - No berth will be awarded if the event does not have at least 5 teams in their age group

** All teams must attend the State Tournament in the state in which they are registered. Some states may have a Regional Qualifier (RQ) which encompasses two or more states that may or may not have a State Tournament 
In the event your state does not have a State Tournament, contact your Regional Vice President for details about how you may qualify . 

*** At-large berths will be limited to teams in states with no State Tournament, State Qualifiers or  NIT events and may not be transferred.  Teams in those areas will also receive 200 bonus points . All other teams must qualify. 

Also See Exceptions



        Do we need a certain number of points?

At this time, USFA does not require teams to earn a specific amount of points
as long as they have met the other qualifications above.

However, the more points you earn, the higher seeding you will receive:
Double elimination play in both the State tournament and World Series will be seeded based on the following point structure: The more points a team has accumulated the higher the seed they will receive.

Team will be awarded seeding points for all USFA events in which they participate regardless of the state. Teams will earn double points at NITs amd triple points at the State Tournament.

Teams must attend the state tournament in the state in which they are sanctioned.


Teams who receive an automatic bid at a Regional NIT event are not required to attend their state tournament, however it is recommended that you attend the state tournament to receive more points toward World Series seeding. 

Teams without a State or Regional Qualifying Tournament may qualify in a neighboring state. If there are no USFA events within a suitable distance,  your team may request an at large berth.







2ND 75 150 225 225
3RD 50 100 150 150
4TH 40 80 120 120
5TH 30 60 90 90
7TH 20 40 60 60
DNP 10 20 30 30
CANX 10 20 30 30


Online Team Registration before 1/1/10  100 points
Online Team Registration
Payment via Credit Card
50 points

Please review your points on a regular basis to ensure the tournament
directors have reported your points correctly!!
  Points can not be adjusted after a 30 day period. 






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