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2013 Quick Reference Rule Changes

Rules changes/clarifications

Online Rosters:
Online rosters will now be mandatory . All teams must enter player information and submit rosters online prior to being scheduled for the USFA State Tournament / National Qualifiers / World Series.  If an electronic roster is not posted online one week prior to the event, no points will be considered for seeding purposes and teams will be seeded last. Any player(s) not listed on the electronic roster or add-on roster (submitted at check in) prior to the start of bracket play will be disqualified.

14U - 40' Phased Out
Beginning in 2013, all 14U events (A/B/C) will be played at 43' pitching distance. For the past 2 years USFA has allowed the transition for both 40' and 43' events, however beginning 2013 we will phase out all 40' events to align with the High School pitching distance. This mandated change will only affect a few states as most states have already transitioned to 43'. 

14U "C & Rec Ball" Class clarification:
"C" Class and Rec Leagues still have the option of playing at either 40' or 43' in League play and League Tournaments until 2015. Pitching distances at the State Tournament level will be determined by each State. Also each league has the option of allowing the wear of metal cleats at 14U within their leagues/parks. World Series Pitching distance for "C" & Rec TBA based on feedback from the Leagues.

14U - 40' World Series:
USFA will no longer offer a 14U -40' Division at the World Series. However we will now have both "A" & "B" Divisions in 14U-43'.  14U-43 will be played Week 2 of the World Series with the 16U & 18U Divisions

18U A & B - World Series Clarification:  
1. 18U "A" - Age Eligible college players are allowed to participate. 
2. 18U "B" -  NCAA DI and  DII level players may not participate in 18U "B" Teams will continue to be evaluated based on skill  level to determine proper classification.  

8U Rule Clarifications: 
1. No intentional walks
2. Player Pitcher must have at least one foot within the pitcher's circle until the ball is pitched.
3. If Coach-Pitcher is hit by pitch. This will be a dead ball, do over. All runner will revert to their previous base and the batter will assume the previous pitch-count.

14U Metal Cleats:
Rule 5004: add 14U to the age groups allowed to wear metal cleats




USFA World Series Qualification Guidelines:

1.      Teams must be USFA Sanctioned.

2.      Must do at least one of the following: 
 a. Receive a direct berth at a National Invitational Tournament.  
 b. Attend at least 1 State Qualifier or NIT (any state).
 c. Attend at least 1 State Qualifier and have accumulated at least 100 points.

3.      Attend the USFA State Tournament in your home state or a Regional Qualifier Tournament for your area.

4.      Receive an at-large berth if no USFA events are available within 200 miles of your team’s home.

NOTE: Teams that have received a berth to a “A” classification National event in USFA or another organization must play in the USFA “A” World Series. Furthermore, any team that has been classified as an “A” team or participates in an “A” State Tournament hosted by USFA or another organization may be required to play in the USFA “A” World Series.



Seeding Points and National Qualifying 




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