About Us

Why is the Flag Tattered.......

For Twenty Years...We have been in the battle for Equality in Sports for Girls.  We have come along way...But it wasn't always an easy battle.  It is still flying!  We still need to outwork yesterday....We are never done! 

Scoring and Scheduling

Technology for Today's Game

The Tournament experience in your hands.  Download the APP on your phone, and the online scoring and scheduling, in real time.  Complete updates for scores and schedules.

Coach Pitch to College

It is more than just Recruiting....we are working together with the College Coaches. To attend the Tournaments and be available for Hitting and Pitching Lessons for the younger girls..and Coaching Clinics for our Team Coaches.  Of Course, the Showcase is always going to be the best Value, without the restrictions.  We have simplified this process so our Tournament Hosts can maximize College Coach participation which results in maximum recruiting opportunities for the USFA Player.

Building Today's Girls for Tomorrow's World

We are in this together, with you.  Team Building in a Safe, Fun Environment.  We are here for all girls, regardless of talent level. Building the Team Values for everything that Life Brings.

Physically and Mentally prepared for the Road of Life

We are doing this together! At the end of the day, it is never about business and market shares.....This is our reward!