USFA World Series is still scheduled in July! Stay Safe Fastpitch Family!

Welcome to USFA!

Welcome to USFA!

Welcome to USFA!Welcome to USFA!

Check out prototype ventilator designed in Panama City Beach

I am so proud of these guys.  they have designed and developed this ventilator in just a few days!  This ventilator can be built for around 250 dollars from easily bought items from places like Home Depot, Lowes and Advanced Auto Parts! It takes less than a day for someone to build this unit. this ventilator has alread

from the navy R & D lab in Panama city Beach, florida

Panama city Beach Navy Veterans building ventilators


less than one mile from the PCB Sports Complex


Simulating Human Performance (Human Ventilators)

ATOR Labs’ Automated Breathing and Metabolic Simulator (ABMS) simulates human respiration and approximates metabolism across a range of work rates. Used for testing and evaluation for new and continued production of quality respiratory protective devices.  This is a Ventilator that is in short supply in the USA right now.  Former Navy Veterans from the Experimental Diving Unit in Panama City Beach started this lab in 2014.  They could not imagine that in 2020, that the ABMS system would need to be added to boost the supply of ventilators in the time of a World Wide Pandemic. We are volunteers adding thousands of ventilators to the supply system.  We will be shipping them to areas of shortage.  Doing our Duty to support the Health Care Workers on the front lines as everyone anxiously awaits a return to the diamonds.  Hoo Yah America! 

Panama City Beach World Series still scheduled for july

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NEW PCB sports park

2 parks in PCB!  Just a few minutes apart

**news** USFA Recreation Department


Recreation League World Series in Panama City Beach!

We are now offering the same great Fastpitch Vacation that the Travel Ball Teams Play!  A true Recreation Team and All-Star Team World Series Experience in Panama City Beach, Florida!

Panama City Beach World Series - College showcase Video

Check out this World Series Video!

New Sportsplex for 2019!


NEW Sportsplex on Panama City Beach!

 It is already Febuary, It is time to enter your team into the greatest Fastpitch Party on the Beach!  Our New Park remains on schedule! It is right out of the Future.  I guess the future is here.  These fields are way better than my greatest expectations.  LED Digital lighting delivers an awesome playing experience.  The excitement is escalating!

Panama City Beach World Series Special Appearance

Mizuno Gear


Mizuno will be on site both weeks selling the Official Mizuno Gear at the World Series. 

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Team Sanction for 2019-2020

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Team Sanction for 2019-2020

Team Sanction for 2019-2020

Team Sanction for 2019-2020


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Interactive Tournament Tools

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Interactive Tournament Tools

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